I hope I can answer some questions. Just contact me and will answer your question. 


Whats your favourite Shooting time?

generel, I am flexible. my favorite times are during the week in the evening against sunset (at least in summer). And on the weekend also rather evening for a nice light mood.


Where is the Shooting Location?

That depends on you. We can do the Shooting close to my area. I know good Locations, but always happy about new places close to you.


Do you also design photo books?

Yes, I like to do it. I work together with printing companies Which i know and have some experience. You can always decide before or after the shooting. Of course you get a digital preview before printing and you can give me feedback and tell me your wishes.



How can I contact you?

You can contact me trhough my contact page or per email. If you just want to chat you can contact me also via Instagram. Please understand that I do not have my phone number on my homepage, because unfortunately I had to make bad experience. Of course, after the first contact, I will exchange my phone number if necessary.


What should I (we) wear?

personally, I recommend clothes in which you feel comfortable. Generally, I would advise against clothing with large logos or big prints. Very pleasant and suitable are natural colors, ie brown, beige and white.


Do you also print pictures?

Since I am a big fan of printed pictures, I spend a lot of time with this topic. I visited printing companies for tips. I can advise you on different printing variants and also handle the order at the printing company. Everything will be delivered conveniently to your home.


How do I get the pictures?

You will get a link to your online gallery. There you can send me comments on the pictures and also download the pictures in the largest possible JPG format.


Where are you working?

Of course that depends on the job. Generally you can book me all over Austria or for weddings in Spain, France, Italy, Germany etc. Everything can be organized.

 If you want to book me or just chat, feel free to contact me.  

Alexander Nemeth

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